25 Sep 2014
by Mobile Fuzz

Kony announces revolutionary new mobile app solution

Kony, Inc announced the Kony Visualizer earlier this week. The Kony Visualizer is a revolutionary new mobile app design solution that lets businesses, designers and developers collaborate to create rapid prototypes of native and web mobile apps for all major platforms. This new product helps streamline the app development process and cuts down the time it takes to design and develop mobile applications by almost 50%.


kony real time app preview


This is the first product of its kind – it allows you to create rapid click-through previews without any manual coding. You can instantly view, publish and share the click through app preview on mobile platforms via the Kony Visualizer cloud collaboration services. The product also gives you to collaborate via the cloud for real time feedback and changes to speed up the prototyping and approval process. Kony calls this new process “WYSIWYM” (what you see is what you mobile).


kony visualizer prototype


Kony Visualizer is available globally today while Kony Visualizer 2.0 will get a limited release sometime in October 2014. To learn more about the product, visit their page here.

How mobile “emoji” campaigns can help brands to engage their customers

Emojis have become something that we see as a part of our daily lives. People from every generation love emojis and incorporate them in a text message, WhatsApp message or any other online message. It’s easy, fun and most of the times it make text abundant.

Emojis arouse our true emotions to be shown, which leads to a more emotional band between a brand and their (potential) customers. This is why we see emojis more frequently than ever before in mobile marketing.

Marketers can use emojis in a very smart way to attract new customers and make existing customers more engaging. Oreo and PETA are two brands who have noticed this opportunity quite early and have launched successful campaigns by only using emojis.

Last Spring, Oreo launched a mobile social campaign in China where parents could take offline pictures with their children and recreate them into online emojis. The result? Oreo received more than 99 million personalized emojis in 11 weeks!



Peta, a leader in mobile marketing, launched an emoji-based mobile campaign called “Beyond Words”. A picture says more than a thousand words, and so PETA created an effective call-to-action which is much more emotional than any words could have described.





The combination of using emojis and a simple call-to-action such as : “Text HEART to 73822” is a perfect way to create a simple yet effective mobile marketing campaign.


“The key is creating a friendly, non-intrusive presence that adds to the personal experience users expect on mobile platforms; by offering branded emoji on the number one way people communicate today (mobile) brands can connect fans even more closely to the content they love. Branded emojis and stickers are so effective for brands because they offer an entry-point for companies to integrate themselves into daily conversations,” Evan Wray said, co-founder of mobile branded content company, TextPride, New York.


New emojis and stickers are being created at a high pace, so we only expect more great emoji mobile campaigns in the near future!


How Mobile Technology Can Benefit Your Business And Your Employer’s Productivity

There’s no need to say that our world has changed since the rise of technology. The society has adapted to this new lifestyle where we are constantly using mobile technology. But not only individuals can benefit from it, also companies have experienced positive changes thanks to the ever-changing world of technology.

Increasing Productivity

Laptops, smartphones and tablets have made it so much easier for managers and employees to get work done on-the-go. Whether you’re commuting, on a business trip or just out of office: thanks to mobile technology you can access your documents and emails at any time, (almost) everywhere.

New Ways Of Doing Business


Networking and communication between company workers and clients has never been easier. By checking e-mails on your smartphone and replying on your tablet while commuting, you can get a lot of work done despite being out of the office.

Also marketing has changed in so many ways thanks to mobile technology. Nowadays, adapting your ads for smartphone screens and tablets screens is so important to improve the user experience. New marketing methods have been created thanks to mobile technology, such as:

QR codes, apps and text messaging. This is also important for the e-commerce side of businesses. Companies selling products/services online have to make sure their website is mobile-friendly so users can purchase everything easily on their mobile devices. Leaving out this part can have major negative effects on your business.

Other examples of how businesses can offer their products and services online are: mobile ticketing, location-based services (local discount offers,…), mobile brokerage, etc.

Reducing Paper Waste

Last but not least, mobile technology has helped to reduce paper waste a lot! Paper waste has been a major problem in our environment for a long time. The use of mobile devices and being able to create and save documents on it, has made paper abundant in many occasions, which has positive effects on our environment!


For more information on how Mobile Fuzz can help leverage your mobile B2B strategy, check out “Services” on our website!

Consumer Interaction With Mobile Shopping Apps

In 2013, mobile commerce sales made a rough $138 billion globally. This confirms that many people around the world like the experience of mobile shopping: it’s fun, easy and you see a lot more items in less time. One more convincing statistic: 79% of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers!

Retailers’ brand mobile apps are increasing in popularity as well, 34% of mobile shoppers used the brand’s app. And since it’s so efficient and easy to use, the percentage will most likely only grow in a rapid pace because the biggest reason the shift from offline to online shopping is momentarily happening, is because mobile shopping is so easy for the customer.

Mobile shopping is something retailers can really benefit from, if the proper strategy is used. Make sure the desktop website is also mobile-friendly, so it looks clean and neat on your smartphone. Also make sure it’s easy to navigate through the mobile website. Categories such as “New Arrivals”, “Men” and “Women” are basic categories that can make everything easier.

Good examples are the mobile apps of ASOS and H&M.




If you need more information about how to develop an app for your retailing brand and/or what marketing strategy is best, check out our services page at Mobile Fuzz.

EE’s 4G LTE comes to 12 new markets


Total EE 4G c​ities reaches 62, carrier says

EE, the UK's first and currently only 4G LTE network operator, sends word that it's just flipped the switch on LTE in another twelve towns across the country.

From today, EE's 4G services are available in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Billericay, Blackpool, Brentwood, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Lytham St Annes, Marlow, Pontefract, Thame and Windsor. The list of new markets shows LTE spreading further into rural areas, and EE says its 4G network now covers more than 50 percent of the UK population. By the end of June, the operator says it'll have reached a further 18 markets, and aims to bring its coverage up to 70 percent of the population by the end of the year.

EE is sure to face more competition in the coming months, as rival networks launch their own 4G offerings based on the 800MHz and 2600MHz spectrum auctioned off earlier in the year. Vodafone, O2 and Three are expected to launch LTE networks of their own later this year, in some cases possibly as early as this summer.

Press release is after the break.

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Leaked: Super thin Huawei P6-U06 device pictures leak out


Huawei’s latest ultra thin high-end device — known as the P6-U06 for the moment — may have just leaked out, and this time it is actual pictures of the device itself instead of just a few renders. While it is hard to confirm that this is the exact device Huawei have teased in the past because the back is not shown, all signs point to this being the same 6.2mm thick phone packing a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch 720P display. That’s a solid set of specs considering the limited space they have to work with.

The design feature of having a metal band around the perimeter also adds a little bit of evidence to this being a new P series device from Huawei, as it has used the same technique on other recent phones such as  the Ascend D2. It also seems to pull some design from the Ascend P2. The radio specs suggest a Chinese-only launch for this device, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it never launched beyond that market either. Hit the break for a couple more pictures.


Yahoo! v1.0 update improves interface, adds news summaries

Yahoo! App

A newly refined design highlights the company's best products

In an attempt to make some leaps forward in terms of design and user experience, Yahoo! has revamped its Android app today with a new interface and set of features. Version 1.0 of the app changes the look of things, with an endlessly scrolling set of news stories as the main page, which nicely displays the article title and a summary with an opaque background over a headline image. Those summaries condense the article's main premise into a short paragraph, which is very similar to the technology that Yahoo! acquired just recently when buying a company called “Summly”. 

Other highlights of the app include a revamped search interface that includes images and video in-line, which can be found behind a nice slide-in panel on the left side of the app. Here you can also find settings for customizing your news topics and sources, as well as quick tabs to launch other popular Yahoo! apps on your device such as Mail, Finance and Messenger. The entire design is a big step forward for Yahoo!, and certainly makes a better case for staying installed on your device.


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2Fuse: A quick time killer with simple gameplay


A game doesn't have to be complicated to offer hours of fun

There are in-depth and wonderful games that require hours and days of your time to complete, and then there are the equally necessary games that draw you away from reality for just a few minutes at a time. 2Fuse is in the latter group, and executes on that premise quite well. It's a quick and dead simple puzzle game with just a few rules and some fun animations and sounds to keep it lively, paired with a gameplay model that will keep things fresh no matter how many times you play.

Just because a game is simple doesn't mean it needs to be overlooked — stick around after the break and learn a little bit more about 2Fuse, a new puzzle game on Android.

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Qualcomm announces the entry level Snapdragon 200 and 400 series

Qualcomm processors

Qualcomm has announced their new 200 and 400 Snapdragon processors, designed to bring reliable performance to more people. The new chips are designed to power entry-level devices and should come in at a great price point, allowing the people who make our Android phones to deliver affordable phones with decent hardware under the hood.

The 200 series features quad A5 CPUs, running up to 1.4GHz per core. In addition, the SoC offers the Adreno 203 GPU, support for up to 8MP cameras, embedded GPS, and multi-SIM UMTS or CDMA modem options. These chips are designed from the ground up to deliver a good balance of cost versus performance, along with good battery life for low-end smart phones.

The 400 series beefs things up a bit, offering either a dual Krait aSMP version running up to 1.7GHz per core; or a quad A7 version at 1.4GHz. Both versions will be paired with an Adreno 305, native Miracast wireless display technology, and a full suite of modem options to fit just about any cellular network. The Snapdragon 400 will be an excellent choice for vendors who build high-volume phones that offer performance folks demand. 

Not every phone will offer top-end specifications. It's great to see options that make budget-friendly phones perform better, and Qualcomm realizes the importance of them. We expect to see devices running these processors in the market soon. For more information, visit the source link below.

Source: Qualcomm

Google Maps, Drive and Earth updated with bugfixes

Google App Updates

Google has just pushed out some bugfix updates in Google Play for both Maps and Earth, along with a couple of feature improvements for Drive. Those improvements for Drive are the ability to stream video files from the app on devices running Android 3.0 and above, as well as the ability to now use pinch-to-zoom in the presentation viewer. Maps and Earth aren't getting anything notable, but we're never going to turn down a good set of bugfixes that will improve the overall experience of using these apps.

You can grab the latest version of Google Drive for the new features at the Play Store link above. If you're interested in picking up the bugfixes for Maps and Earth, they can be found here and here.

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