Best Designed App of 2014

Yahoo News Digest!


Many of you might remember Summly, the news summary app developed by a 17-yr old Nick D’Aloisio. You might also remember, that  D’Aloisio sold Summly to Yahoo for $30 million. Summly was shut down in March 2013, but Yahoo and D’Aloisio has taken the Summly app and improved upon it this past year.


Yahoo News Digest was revealed at Yahoo’s keynote in January. It looks even better than Summly did, a sleek, very visual and highly functional news reader that presents you with headline news from Yahoo’s news network. It does this twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. Yahoo uses a combination of algorithms and human editors to select the dozen or so stories that it sends you.


The result is spectacular in that it is easily one of the best-looking apps released over the past few years. It a complete departure from Yahoo’s usual style (although their weather app was a nice indication of what they could do). The app is visually pleasing while being functional at the same time – it gives you news in small, digestible chunks of information that has an “end”.


Yahoo’s News Digest is different from apps like Flipboard and Feedly, in that it has a finite amount of articles that it gives you – hence, giving the reader a satisfaction of finishing something. Readers can choose to keep reading if they’d like (just scroll past the “Done” screen if you want to keep reading other stories).


Having already won the Apple Design Award for 2014, Yahoo News Digest is our best designed app of the year!


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