3 Important Tips To Optimize B2B Mobile Strategy


Mobile marketing is a term that has gained it’s importance in the marketing world. With 74% of (potential) customers, whether B2B or B2C nowadays saying that they are more likely to return to your website if it’s mobile-friendly, there’s no more denyingthat optimizing your mobile strategy is a must. Below are 3 golden tips on how to do so!


1. Make your content “mobile-friendly”

Make your content, blog,website, submission forms, call-to-actions, emails etc. easy to read on mobile devices. Make sure it’s visually attractive and to optimize the navigation. It’s easier for reader to just scroll down your mobile blog when reading than having to move left and right because the content isn’t adjusted to mobile screens.


2. Give customers the same experience as on a desktop

Most customers prefer visiting a website on a desktop over visiting it on another mobile device. So make sure to have somewhat the same structure, lay-out and navigation. Also, make sure to incorporate a link to visitors can easily switch to a desktop screen if preferred.


3. Video and audio content rather than just text

Mobile users might find it more handy to just watch your video, or listen to your content instead of actually reading it on a small screen (especially smartphones). Try to replace long texts by engaging audio and/or video content, your customers will most likely appreciate it!

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